Special Events

Every year (since 1996), Gymkhana participates in an event at the Pittsburgh Zoo called “Zoo Boo.” You can stroll through the Zoo collecting candy, enjoying the animals and participating in other fun activities along the way. All activities are free and are included with a general admission zoo ticket. Costumes are not required - but it’s really fun to wear your favorite one! The Pittsburgh Zoo asks that you help them “go green” by bringing your own trick or treat bag.

Although the Zoo is open their regular hours, Zoo Boo is from 10am to 3pm.

Gymkhana sets up an elaborate display (see video below) in a giant white tent that is located by the Docents’ Haunted House. Returning favorites at our tent are the UFO, Medieval Castle with 2 Dragons, Fanny the Mermaid, The Great White Shark, The Giant Clam, Wild West Ghost Town, Ancient Egypt, Giant Witch with her Bubbling Cauldron, Singing Pumpkins, The Haunted Pirate Ship, Mossy (The Talking Tree), Mr Potato Heads that sing, a talking Pirate Captain, the animatronic jail couple Sunny & Cher singing “I’ve Got You Babe”, and the joke-telling Pumpkin Heads!!!

Come visit us at the Haunted Hideaway, and see some of your favorite teachers dressed up, handing out candy and Gymkhana Coupons!

It is great fun…let’s have a spooktacular time at the zoo!!! Hope to see you all there next year!!!